Thursday, September 3, 2009

Read This and Weep

distributorcap NY: Because It Wasted Bullets

MSNBC, WW2 and Buchanan

Over at MSNBC, Pat Buchanan has decided that Hitler was simply misunderstood: he didn't REALLY want to start a war, he was FORCED to by England and France, who wouldn't give him lebensraum (expansion room) otherwise. Umm, fail.

Never mind that Austria wasn't actually a place for Germany to expand its population into, but a very good strategic base for attacking Russia (which Germany did immediately following its invasion of Poland). Never mind that Germany had brought its economic crisis on itself by aggressively building up its military capacity, in violation of the treaties it signed at the end of WW1. The way Germany went about its "expansion" was, in effect, as if the US had decided to fix its economic problems by nuking South America.

What part of "Exterminating 6 million Jews" is excusable for any reason? Forget Stalin (who Buchanan offers as a "he did it too, so what's the fuss?"), or any other psychotic dictator. Under what circumstances is it acceptable to commit genocide?

None. Any other answer labels you as sub-human and unworthy of civilized discourse.

Please go to MSNBC and tell them how you feel.